dear prudence

Dear Prudence,

What portents could have foretold
your sudden departure
and its importance…

Present for the winter of our discontents,
and through fall, spring, and summer.
You were the one to wear maleficence.


Forgive my impudence and indiscretions.
Your form embodying my lessons,
and questions turned to my laments.


Forgive me for my recklessness,
for all the times your existence went uncharted.
Forgive our faces,
so nightmarish.
The rage should have been reticence.


I come to you a suppliant,
eagerly awaiting judgment,
but all I hear is silence.

Desperately seeking your approval,
desparate to remove that which destroyed you.
Lifeless body merges with the floor…
What I would give to be with you once more…


Forgive us for projecting our defensiveness,
for placing fear in your experience,
we did the best we could…
You, becoming the reminder of our sorrows,
were robbed of your tomorrows.
She says we did the best we could.

Know that I still hold you, Prudence.
Know that when your life left I desperately took in your air,
took in your despair,
so you no longer have to carry it for me…
I’m so sorry…


Let’s pretend I didn’t ruin this…
That you are somewhere brighter than behind a fence.
Prudence…Even Freud’s analysis
can’t keep me from missing you…
Namesake after knowing what is true…

Dear Prudence,

I’m sorry there are no more days to greet you.


The sun is out,
the sky is blue,
it’s beautiful
and so are you
dear Prudence,
won’t you come out to play?


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