my name is leigh

My name is Leigh.
My mother named me after a vision
of a place she had never seen
but always wanted to visit –
a meadow, a gentle scene
of naked rain threading a veil
of water shielding the landscape
from a sunlit bride who can’t stop

Leigh is a person,
or more accurately, she is a unicorn,
the last one of her kind longing
to reunite with brothers and sisters
she had once lost to the sea.
Leigh thus dreams of drowning

She appears as a beast of burden
to those who can’t see
that she’s made of stardust
and belongs to the galaxies.
Leigh lets most see her
as an able bodied skeleton,
built to heft herself over
rocky mountain trails
though she is as sure-footed
as she is of herself.

When she falls, she tends to often –
always breaking something
she can’t afford to lose
like an ankle, a promise, a kneecap,
fractures open for one purpose:
to build herself into a new shape.
Her song is metamorphosis
and she will always take a crab’s
advice even when it doesn’t make
any sense because she has
named herself love, regardless
of how awkwardly she does it.

She is uncomfortable being an adverb
since she hates being an afterthought
and apparently, Leigh means boomerang…
which is a great metaphor for manic
depression but Leigh is more prone
to melancholy than she is to delusions
of grandeur since most times she
thinks herself a nobody that’s been
gifted a loud voice she tells herself
says nothing important yet in Gaelic
Leigh means poet.

So I thought that I would share this
like I have shared myself on this mic
for quite some time now, but this time
I will not disguise myself. So this isn’t
a poem so much as it is a proper
introduction to everyone who has
watched me stand here and sing
my truth and not cast stones or
tomatoes like I was afraid you would,

so Hello,
It’s nice to meet you.
My name is Leigh,
What’s yours?


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