just pull

I am Santa Cruz
I am the dorm room
I am “crawl into bed with me”
I am the next day and the next day and the next
I am forgetting how to breathe
I am unrequited love…or so I thought
I am projected animus
I am no forethought
I am the trailer park
I am the pirate raid
I am raided by pirates
I am the color green
I am mushrooms taken after weeks of crying
I am “Goddess, beautiful, amazing, wow!”
I am hummingbird tongue stuck down my throat
I am “just let me worship”
I am kaleidoscopic insecurity
I am an acquaintance feeling me up in public
I am his hands down the front of my shorts
I am they’re watching
I am no intervention
I am truth or dare
I am truth, truth, truth, please stop
I am not saying please stop when I should have
I am threesome
I am disgusted with self
I am suicidal thoughts
I am this tree stump
I am the sound of the ocean at 3 o’clock in the morning
I am Jesus
I am never been saved
I am alien dreamtime
I am Aptos
I am a particular memory from childhood
I am bowl of ice cream
I am toilet
I am throwup
I am a kickback where everyone’s too drunk
I am naked without dog
I am the breakup
I am “this is the last time”
I am “swallow my cum”
I am mom walking upstairs
I am cancer
I am mirror
I am dirty planet
I am sudden right turn
I am broken bones
I am too much pot
I am forgetting a deadline
I am disappointment
I am failure
I am that look in your eye
I am eye contact
I am turned back
I am “I can’t afford to feel this right now”
I am “nobody else would put up with this shit”
I am “seeing someone else”
I am “I have a girlfriend but I really like you”
I am love
I am lovesickness
I am meathook
I am beaten animal bleeding
I am mistrust
I am highway 17
I am sad music playlist
I am slam poetry
I am rape poems
I am rape
I am rapist
I am straight white male
I am expectation
I am not good enough
I am imperfection
I am my name in your mouth
I am this poem.


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