_____ or dare

Acquiescence stained me the color of fog
on the night I learned truth or dare could
be lost to the feeling of too many brushes
at once painting my not-so-naive canvas

Truth: I knew one of them was a predator
Truth: I still followed them back to their den
Truth: I had already had too much to drink
Truth: They never forced me onto his bed
Truth: I don’t recall who suggested we play
Truth: I could sense they were both hungry
Truth: I felt I wasn’t worth trying to escape
Truth: I answered truth but never said yes
Truth: He dared me to kiss the other boy
Truth: He tasted like cigarettes and shame
Truth: I chased Jack Daniels with 2$Chuck
Truth: I never said no or told them to stop
Truth: That year I couldn’t hold eye contact
Truth: I can only claim to be my own victim
Truth: None of them asked for my honesty


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